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Prod. by Hiili Hiilesmaa
Artwork by Mark Foster


released July 25, 2016



all rights reserved


M.I.GANG Saint Petersburg, Russia


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Track Name: Medicine
I succeed, I blanked my eyes.
As a rain clears the sky,
Switch my bliss on thyself,
Got my pain back in the end.

I'm not the medicine, medicine,
But just a pain you feel,
You better cut me out of your life
Cut me out of your life.
I don't feel anything, anything,
I will be on my own,
You better cut me out of your life,
Cut me out of your life.

I am not a part and parcel,
No comebacks, instant reversal,
To secure you from de trop pain,
Cause it's mine, and this's the end.
Track Name: Swamp
Swamp devours me
And dirt is all I see
this place has became my hell
and nothing changes
Spit again and again and again
In a lake full of pain
A lake full of leeches

Let`s fight
This swamp devours hopeless life
Let`s fight
We`ve got a chance

Cold water freezes me
cold water...
Humble yourself and swallow worms
That make your life worse
We swim among rotten heads
and nothing changes

No one will save us, but ourselves,
No one can and no one may
We must walk through all the paths
We must take it all the way
Track Name: Haze
Does anyone know?
What it's like living in a haze
of stoned daydreams?

When the line is so close,
Sanity slips, sanity slips,
Like it never belongs to me.

I feel it's my time
I feel it's my time
Coming now
I fall into pecies.

Nightmares and fears
Injected right under my skin,
So I can't hide from
Those monsters within,
Scared to close my eyes, scared to open up,
But still they will find me.
Track Name: Famouse
Beggar and homeless
Forgotten and dirty
You walk down the street
Stumble over stones
I'm stumbled I'm over stoned
Today is the day
When I'll forget about this horrible pain in my toes
Today is the day
When I will forget
Racking voice in my brain

The devil won't leave me to die
He told me you were born to be famous
The devil won't let me to die
He told me you such
You such a wimp

Don't want to think about the past
Will forget about all
I would trail his mother
To get rid of the fall

Today is the day
When God turned away from me
Today is the day
When I sold Jesus